The Way Bible Study 1

On February 14th we will be starting a new study called ‘The Way’

One of the earliest names that the first Christians gave to their new found faith was ‘The Way’. It is found a number of times in the book of Acts in the Bible (e.g. Acts 9:2). The title suggests the first Christians viewed being a Christian, not as a religion you sign up to, or a prayer you pray, but as a way to follow – the way of salvation and a way of life. Jesus himself said that he is ‘the way’ to God the Father (John 14:6), and that ‘the way’ is narrow that leads to life (Matthew 7:14). Christianity is often a difficult, narrow way to live, but the blessings of knowing God, and His life to the full, are truly out of this world!
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One thought on “The Way Bible Study

  • pastor

    If anyone missed the start of the series last Tuesday – the first study focussed on the subject of sin, its origin, its temporal and eternal consequences (Romans 5:12), and how it affects ALL men everywhere (Rom 3:23, Prov20:9) and that primarily it is against God alone (Ps 51:4). The consequences of sin are experienced in the lives of people but sin is always against God.
    We explored how sin seperates us from God in this life and how it will seperate us from life for eternity. But (the good news) we saw that God acted decisively to deal with the sin problem (Rom 5:8)- and how the Son of God, Jesus Christ (who had no sin of his own) came and took upon himself the sins of the whole world.( 1Pet 2:14, 1Pet3:18)
    Next week (Tuesday 21st Feb at 7:30pm) we will look at what our response should be in view of what God has done through the work of Jesus Christ.